In 2007, a Grade 9 student in Cambridge, N.S. was bullied by classmates for wearing a pink shirt to school. Taking notice, two Grade 12 students named Travis Price and David Shepherd rallied their friends to send a message to the bullies. The next day the halls were filled with students in pink t-shirts. This was the beginning of Pink Day.

Red Cross Pink Day started when two boys chose do something about bullying rather than stand by and watch it happen. Now the movement is worldwide, educating and inspiring others to do something about bullying and to shift the culture away from this behaviour.

Three out of four people say they have been affected by bullying. But bullying doesn’t just affect individuals. Schools and communities also suffer the effects of bullying. Together we can do something about it. We can create safe and respectful environments for everyone!

The Red Cross in Saskatchewan has celebrated Red Cross Pink Day since 2011 to support our year-round bullying prevention program.  Join us for Red Cross Pink Day on February 22, 2017 and add your voice to the thousands of others calling for a change around the culture of bullying.

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